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Online Dating Journal

Online Dating Journal

Online Dating Journal

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This could be the best day to start journaling and recording all of the happy and wtf moments that you will encounter in online dating. Now you can keep track of the Red and Yellow Flag concerns to help you best decide whom to cut, and whom to keep on getting to know.

Let this journal serve as your theraputic outlet for those times that you feel you just can't talk to a friend, or maybe you want to write down all the too good to be true moments and chat about them with friends later.  OOOOOOOOORRRRRRRR Maybe you are dating multiple people and you want to keep track of information that each person tells you about themself so that you don't confuse the two or the three...lmbo...say no more, our "Online Dating" journal can help with that too. 

We offer our Online Dating Journal in a variety of "styles" so you can choose from, a lined, blank, dot or task grid format. Plan your dates, and record your vetting decisions with the task manager journal or simply go traditional with the lined option. ALL You simply have to do is choose, we got you.

4 different types:
Journal BLANK
Journal DOT GRID
Journal LINED
Journal TASK

.: Front cover print
.: 80 single pages
.: Casewrap binding

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